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Photo Retouch


Only photographs can show deficiencies which cannot be seen in real life, such as wrinkles, widen pores, and flare spots, excess weight, just failed angle, or other unnecessary stuff. You can keep such pictures for ages without showing them to anyone or throwing away.
Happily, photograph retouch can set everything right and even make that picture much more attractive than the original. Color and brightness correction will turn most dull, dark and poor photographs into bright, clear and saturated images.

- Skin defect correction
- Removal of scratches, blots, dust, inscriptions and other defects
- Elimination of red-eye effect and blinked-eye effect
- Colour range correction, white colour balance correction, colour saturation correction, sharpness and contrast correction
- Light alignment (brightening dark part of image and darkening too bright part of picture)
- Changing ordinary colour images into rich black-and-white pictures
- Colourizing black-and-white photos Rendering, sepia (giving tints for black-and-white pictures)

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