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  • Can you get me an agent?

Connecting agents and actors isn’t our job, but we will get you the pictures you need to grab those agents’ attention. And we are happy to share our knowledge of the business and offer personalized tips to guide you in that aspect of your career.

  • What is the Portfolio Selection?

The Portfolio Selection is an optional service Giedrius offers to clients post-shoot. He can help you pick the best images to market yourself most effectively. It is popular with both newbie and seasoned actors alike.

  • Do I need retouching?

Giedrius pictures do not need retouching and they always look great right out of the camera. However, if you want that extra pop to the eyes and your skin to look perfect, retouching is recommended.

  • What comes with my shoot?

An online photo gallery through our friends at Profoto Photo Lab with all your photos. A disc with the high resolution images is also available for €35.  Our Agency and Pro Packages include retouching, a portfolio selection, and makeup and hair.

  • Do I really need professional hair and makeup?

Professional makeup and hair is important but it is something that we do not require.  Our makeup artist is the best and does all skin shades and textures.  It allows the skin to look clean, fresh, and allows Giedrius to light how he wants.  And yes, the majority of men get makeup and hair as well.

  • What constitutes a different “look”?

An outfit and lighting change make up a new look. The number of looks you want to book for your shoot for is up to you. The 3 look package is often a client favorite.

  • What is the difference between a Commercial and a Theatrical headshot?

Traditionally, a Commercial shot was a smiling one with teeth showing, while a Theatrical one had a more serious expression. Nowadays they difference is more about the tone and feel of the shot. Commercial shots should be friendly and bright, while theatrical shots can be more moody and expressive. Most importantly the shots should reflect the type of characters you will be auditioning for in both of those distinct areas.

  • Do you use natural or studio light?

Both! This way you get a variety of shots capturing different moods and different characters.

  • Can I pay by check or do an installment plan?

We can’t take checks, do installment plans, or take IOUs. As much as we like you, cash, Paypal and Bitcoin's are our only acceptable payment options at this time. Though Giedrius will always take free hugs and doggie treats.

  • How does the deposit work?

Deposits solidify your session in our calendar. They are non refundable and go towards the overall cost of your shoot. If you need to reschedule, it’s no problem as long as you let us know 5 business days in advance. This way we can try to find someone to take your appointment. If you have to cancel or reschedule last minute, unfortunately the deposit is not transferable. We will work together to make sure this doesn’t happen and that all scheduling goes smoothly.

  • Your prices are high, can’t I just shoot with a friend to save money?

Professional pictures are the industry norm, and top notch professional shots are the only ones that will get you in the room for those big auditions you crave. We use the highest quality equipment and offer a multitude of lighting options to make you look your best. Plus our team understands the business and knows what type of shots casting directors and agents currently want to see. Save your friends’ photography skills for Instagram.

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