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Thank you for booking with Giedrius Jankauskas Photography. Below is important information pertaining to our studio and your photography session.



Clothing for Headshots

-Vary your necklines (v neck, crew neck, button downs, collars, tank top etc.)

-Vary your colors and avoid overly bright tones, rich reds, and graphic tees with large logos (excessive prints and patterns often do not work).

-Please bring extra clothing items which can be layered such as sweatshirts, jackets, scarves.

-Bring only a few basic pants/skirts such as denim, khaki, and dress pants.

-Shoes do not matter.

-Make sure that you have both casual and dressy items.

-It is important that your clothes are wrinkle-free and without stains.

-Please only bring minimal accessories.

-Please bring plenty of clothing so that we have enough to choose from.

Clothing for Modeling/Fashion Shoots

-The items in the Headshots category above apply, with the following exceptions:

-Full body outfits are important, which includes pants, dresses, skirts, and shoes.

-Most modeling portfolios require looks which fall under the following categories:

-Casual/Lifestyle (American Eagle, Gap, PacSun, Abercrombie)

-Dressy (Zara, Banana Republic, Bebe, Armani)

-Fitness/Swimsuit/Body (Nike, Speedo, Victoria’s Secret)

-Corporate/Business Casual (Kenneth Cole, Anne Taylor)

-Personality (Whatever style or clothing makes you unique)




Why are hair and makeup important?

Whether you are a male or female, professional makeup and hair styling is extremely important for photography. Makeup for photography is much different than everyday makeup due to many factors, such as lighting.

Please arrive with:

-Clean skin (all makeup removed)

-Clean hair (camera ready, styled as normal)





We ask that you arrive on time and not before your scheduled appointment. Make sure to be well fed and feel free to bring snacks!



How it works

Your balance is due at the time of your photography session. We can’t take checks, installment plans, or take IOUs. As much as we like you, cash, Paypal and Bitcoin's are the only acceptable payment options at this time. There is a 3% surcharge for using Paypal. Once your payment has been processed for your retouches, sculpts, and photoshoot – it is non-refundable.



How to obtain files/prints/retouches

All images will be uploaded to an online gallery within 5-10 business days through ProFoto Photo Lab. You can email them to family, friends, managers and agents. Prints can also be ordered online saving time and money. Retouching may be purchased after the shoot or by calling the studio. Our turnaround time is generally 5-7 business days but cannot be guaranteed because each image requires a different amount of retouching. By sending us your files for retouching you are agreeing for Giedrius Jankauskas Photography to use our artistic discretion. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed and we do not provide refunds once the work has been performed. A disc of your images may be purchased for €35.
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